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Cheap Cardboard Boxes are a thing of the Past.

Hire moving boxes that are built for the task

Fortune 500 companies use plastic moving boxes when they move,

so why wouldn’t you?

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Moving House

Welcome to Beetlebox

Beetlebox rents green, plastic moving crates to people moving house. You’ll save money and time, and protect your stuff and the planet.

Beetleboxes are designed to stack well – they won’t slip off, and cause an avalanche the way cheap cardboard boxes tend to. Beetleboxes are made of durable plactic which is crush-proof, and water resistant. You know how with paper boxes, you have to find the end of the packing tape, and build the box, only to have to do it again when you want to close it up? Never mind if you forget what’s in one, or want to add something to a closed box. Beetleboxes have attached lids that are easy to open and they securely close. Another problem with cardboard reuse is that the paper based material makes a nice home for bedbugs, and other insects. Do you really want to share bed linen with the last guy that used your cardboard box? Rest assured that when you hire moving boxes from us, they are thoroughly cleaned and hand wiped after each use (with an environmentally friendly solution, of course!).

Why Should You Use Beetlebox?

with Beetlebox, you choose a delivery time that suits you. Also there is no collecting boxes, no building and breaking them down, and no disposal afterwards
Using plastic moving bins saves you 40% over cardboard boxes, Sydney.
recycling cardboard uses a lot of energy, reusing Beetleboxes IS a better solution! We have chosen to donate 1% of revenues to Landcare Australia Limited.
Beetleboxes are sturdy, and they are made to stack easily. They come with a dolly to make moving them a snap!

Quick Environmental Facts

Cardboard recycled in Australia 50
Energy used to recycle a paper box (compared to a new one) 75
Population that move each year 20
% more uses a Beetlebox gets over cardboard 99

Our Happy Clients

In dealing with Beetlebox during a fairly large commercial move we had fantastic communication, everything was on time and the overall service was exactly what was needed, they are a fantastic company to deal with and if needed we will definitely use them again A+++ service thank you again from the entire team at DHL.
Brett Manning, DHL Supply Chain
I just loved the idea of not having to tape up and assemble boxes, then have to pull them all apart and throw them away, which sometimes takes weeks depending on what type of access you have to bins. Also the fact that they’re not going straight to landfill.
Trish, Mosman
When they arrived the boxes were clean – very important. Also, the dolly was really useful. If I was doing a move in one day I would definity consider using two. Highly recommend to domestic or commercial customers.
Elizabeth, Edgecliff


Are you considering using plastic moving boxes to move house?  Here are the top 5 reasons why they’re a good idea.

1.  Save Time – Getting used boxes from the fruit shop might be free, but you still need to go and find them, and then waste time when you’re done moving house, breaking them down and disposing of them.  Beetlebox moving boxes are delivered and picked up free of charge!

2. Save Money – Removalists charge by the hour.  So providing them with moving boxes that stack well, have handles, and come with a dolly will save them time, and in turn, save you money.

3. No Hidden Charges – When you buy or rent paper boxes, don’t forget to budget for packing tape (at $3.50 per roll), delivery, bubble wrap, packing paper, labels, a knife (for breaking down the boxes), and a trolley or dolly.  Beetlebox packages come with free delivery, and you also get packing paper, bubble wrap, a dolly, zip ties (for security), and labels, all for free.  There is no need for tape, or a knife.

4. Save Your Back – Picking up a 30kg cardboard tea chest without handles is a recipe for a bad back.  Beetleboxes come with ergonomic handles, and a dolly system for moving so you don’t have to carry the heavy ones.

5. Save the Environment – Cardboard boxes are typically used once or twice.  Plastic moving boxes can be reused hundreds of times.  Reuse is the most underrated of the three R’s!