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Boxes for Moving – Free Delivery, Order Online, or Call

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If you need boxes for moving Sydney now has a new option. It is, in all ways, better than using  cardboard boxes. Rent plastic moving boxes instead, and you will save time, since they are delivered to your doorstep pre-assembled. Save money – up to 50% over using cheap moving boxes made from cardboard.  From less than $2 per box. See our pricing page for more details.

Our boxes for moving are sturdy, strong, and enormous! 73 litre large boxes for moving house mean that you need less boxes because you can fit so much inside each one.

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Trust the original and the best in Sydney.  But don’t just take our word for it, checkout our reviews on Truelocal, Google, Hotfrog or our Facebook fan page!  You don’t have to out muscle an olympic weightlifter, or even a removalist when moving boxes around – with the supplied dolly any pipsqueak can easily shift four large plastic moving boxes with one hand!  Beetleboxes are designed to stack well – they won’t slip off, and cause an avalanche the way cardboard tends to. Our plastic moving boxes are made of durable plastic which is crush-proof, and water resistant.

Save Time – Getting used boxes from the fruit shop might be free, but you still need to go and find them, and then waste time when you’re done moving house, breaking them down and disposing of them. Beetlebox moving boxes are delivered and picked up free of charge!

[content_box title=”Save $” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]From less than $2/box.  Save 50% over buying cardboard[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Save Time” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]Delivered free to your door, boxes come fully assembled ready to pack![/content_box]
[content_box title=”Protect” image=”” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]Beetleboxes are water resistant, and much stronger than a cardboard box[/content_box]
[content_box last=”yes” title=”Green” image=”” alt=”Boxes for moving sydney” link=”” linktext=”Learn More”]Save some trees and reuse. Don’t use cardboard and throw it away![/content_box]

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Great solution for your moving needs

It’s a pain when you are moving house and you need to buy cardboard boxes, and then pick them up, build them, and break them down again when you are finished with them, only to have to find a way to dispose of them.

Beetlebox solves that problem by delivering green plastic moving crates to your doorstep, and then picking them up again when you are finished with them, all for 40% of what it would cost you to go and buy cardboard boxes.

Its wasteful to buy cardboard boxes, use them once, and then throw them away. Sure, cardboard boxes can be recycled, but the process produces toxic by products, and it is energy and water intensive. Beetleboxes can be reused hundreds of times, before being finally recycled and made into new Beetleboxes, and it is this reuse that is such a great help to supporting Australia’s sustainability objectives.

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[testimonial name=”Ashley” company=”North Ryde”]Beetle Box made our move very tidy and Production lined, My Mates were very supprised when they had handles to cary instead of multisized cardboard, On the Day of our move it was raining so having Beetle boxes meant we could put the boxes on the wet driveway and not worry that they would fall apart like cardboard.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Fred” company=”St. Leonards”]I chose to use Beetleboxes because they looked a lot easier than putting paper boxes together and tearing them up again when done. That, and free delivery and pick up. One of the best things about the boxes is their ease of use – They stack up on each other. Highly recommended.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”James” company=”Bondi”]It was great to get the boxes dropped off and picked up at convenient times. Also the dolly helped a lot with the heavy lifting and time. I would most definitely recommend Beetlebox, and already have. Easy of use, able to pre-pack and organise prior to moving and made moving and unpacking so much easier. Great value for money..[/testimonial]


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Boxes for moving in action

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