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Commercial Office removals Plastic boxes for moving office

office removalsIf you have found yourself tasked with co-ordinating office removals, we can help. Beetlebox can help you to organise a commercial move, saving you time, money, and potential OHS issues of employees getting hurt. Plastic boxes for moving office are standard for among large companies, since they are more sturdy than cardboard boxes, there is no building and breaking them down again, and they come with dollies to help roll them around the office in the lead up to moving day.

We are proud to announce our removals service is now operated by the team at Men That Move

You may be thinking “How many boxes will I need?” A good rule of thumb is to allocate 3 boxes (and one dolly) per employee, however there is a large variation depending on the type of business you are in. If you need to keep many documents in physical form, you will need additional boxes for moving office. If your business stores files in electronic form, then you will need less crates.

Moving an office? For office relocations use our sturdy boxes.

We all know that moving house is stressful, but office removals are a real pain too! Especially for the person in charge of the move. Beetlebox has worked with many corporate accounts large and small, and can help with your office relocation, Sydney. The physical process of moving documents and computers is difficult because much of the work needs to be done before the removalists arrive, so that the valuable equipment remains safe. In addition, employees don’t see themselves as removalists, so it is important to make the job as easy as possible for them. When you use our plastic moving boxes, you save hours of work assembling and breaking down cardboard boxes. Not only do we show up with stackable plastic crates, ready with labels for easy labeling, but we also supply the easy to use dollies. Workers do not have to put the boxes together, they simply take one from the top of the stack, pack them up, swing shut the attached lids and roll them into position ready to be loaded by the removalists. When the boxes arrive at their new workstation, simply unpack the boxes, and stack them neatly out of the way ready for us to pick them up again. Too easy!

In dealing with Beetlebox during a fairly large commercial move we had fantastic communication, everything was on time and the overall service was exactly what was needed, they are a fantastic company to deal with and if needed we will definitely use them again A+++ service, plastic moving boxes were superb. thank you again from the entire team at DHL.
Brett Manning, DHL Supply Chain

What is the difference between office moving, and residential?

We recognise that the needs of office relocations are different from a residential move.  That is why we have separate plans for moving an office.  Office moving using our boxes for moving office usually takes less time because there are more people pitching in to pack and unpack.  Recognising this we offer a daily rate, so you only pay for the amount of time that you need.  Also for an office, it is a good idea to have many more dollies, since employees will be shifting their own boxes around, and will not want to wait around until the shared dolly is free.

Why use plastic moving crates for an office move?

  • Beetleboxes have attached lids, and arrive fully assembled and ready to go
  • Supplied dollies reduce the chance of employees getting hurt by lifting boxes.
  • Supplied cable ties ensure safety of personal items
  • Numbered security seals are available for sensitive documents
  • The moving crates are delivered directly to your floor or desk.

What to do next

    1. Contact us on 1800 438 668 or use the contact form below, and we can go through your needs with you.
    2. We will send you a detailed quote.
    3. Set the delivery and pick up dates.
    4. Get on with your move!

We also have relationships with reputable moving companies and can co-ordinate the whole move if you prefer.

boxes for moving office

Initially, we chose Beetlebox for our commercial move because of the price and convenience that they offered. During the move, we realised that flexible delivery of the moving supplies was critical: Beetlebox came back to top us up several times, often at very short notice. Another key benefit were the dollys – which made it easy for office workers organise themselves prior to the move date. I would highly recommend Beetlebox to anyone – very easy to use.
Tony Jeffs, Quad Services

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