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Housewarming Gift Idea for Under $100

Wooden Box

Don’t give a wooden box, give plastic boxes!

Your mates are finally moving out of that share house/dorm room/their parents place, and found a place near some decent bars, and you want to help them on their way.  Maybe your grandma is moving into an aged care facility, and you would like to help soften the blow.  You could show up with flowers or some junk from Ikea, but why not actually give them something useful (that won’t end up in a landfill)?

Beetlebox now offers gift certificates for all packages from the 25-box studio apartment, all the way up to the 4 bedroom 100-box bundle.  Bundles come with free delivery and pickup, bubble wrap and packing paper, labels, zip ties, and a dolly so your friend/children/client can pack, stack and roll right into their new pad.  For the more budget conscious, you can now take a gift certificate for $99, which will entitle the bearer to 25 boxes a la carte, delivered and picked up.

Boxes at a Recent Delivery

Boxes at a Recent Delivery

A housewarming gift is a great way to welcome someone into his or her new home.  If you know someone that will be moving soon, why not get ahead of the game is to give them something that they will definitely need even before they move?

Think about giving a gift certificate to a client as a thank you for closing a deal, or perhaps your kids are still at home, and need a gentle push out of the nest.  Hit them with a gift certificate from Beetlebox!

Moving Supplies

Beetlebox – Free Delivery

Beetlebox rents reusable plastic moving boxes to save consumers time and money when moving house.  Beetlebox takes the hassle out of moving by eliminating the need for people to buy cardboard boxes, go and pick them up, build them up, break them down, and get rid of them. Beetlebox delivers plastic, reusable, eco-friendly boxes to your door, for less than you would pay to buy cardboard boxes.


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