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Packing boxes for moving house

Packing boxes for moving house

The day has come to start packing boxes for moving house, but where to start?  A couple of the more tricky rooms to pack are the kitchen and the dining room, and for good reason.  There are plenty of breakables, odd shaped objects, and a “second drawer” with a jumble of tools that are a complete mess.  If you have ordered Beetlebox plastic moving boxes, then you’ll be able to avoid the stress and headaches that come from using inadequate cardboard boxes: things breaking, building up and breaking down boxes, boxes collapsing.  Here are a few tips on how to attack the two biggest problem areas when moving house.

Packing the dining room

Often a person’s dining room has a sideboard which contains the “good” plates and cutlery, along with a host of crystal, and very fragile glassware.  For these items lay a towel in the bottom of a plastic moving box, and then wrap each item carefully with butcher’s paper.  For the more fragile items, use bubble wrap.  Place the items in the bottom of the box and put them fairly close together, so that they do not move around too much.  Next lay a towel down, and start on the next layer.  Keep heavy items on the bottom of the box, and lighter things on top.

Its a good idea to mix up the contents of your boxes somewhat, for instance plates on the bottom, and glassware on top.  You don’t need to fill each box completely, if you feel that you have enough items in a box, place something light on top, like a cushion, and move on to the next box.  With Beetleboxes Plastic Moving Box Rental, once the lid is shut, you don’t have to worry about the items getting crushed.  Unlike cardboard boxes, Beetleboxes are sturdy enough to have several more heavy boxes put on top of them without collapsing.  They are sturdy, rugged boxes designed for house and office moves, so you can rest assured that your crystal will be safe (all bets are off if the boxes fall off of a Sydney removalist truck…)

Packing the kitchen

Your dinner set can be packed  simply by putting butcher’s paper in between each item.  With one piece of recycled packing paper you can pack up to eight side plates, or four full sized ones.  Once a stack is complete, take another piece of packing paper, and wrap it around the whole stack, taping it firmly together.  If you take the time to do it properly, all of your plates will be with you at your new home.   You can save on paper, (and help to save the environment) by using towels, tea towels, t-shirts and whatever else you have to pack around the kitchen items to keep them snug in their moving crates.  Always remember to put heavy items in a different box to your breakables.

If you follow these tips, and get yourself organised, you will be toasting your new home in no time (in fully intact champagne glasses!)


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