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How Beetlebox made moving house a breeze!

Moving in a hurry

moving out quick 30 days
moving in 30 days

10 tips to stay green and save money when moving house, from Glen Christie of Beetlebox

save money moving house
boxes for moving house

A North shore entrepreneur is the latest to exploit the green market by making the process of moving house more environmentally friendly.


The Telegraph – Sunday Magazine – The joy of moving to a new house

plastic moving boxes
Sunday Magazine

Inside Strata Magazine – September 2012


Ideas Hoist Interview – December 2012



Removal in Sydney – Moving over the holidays can be stress free

If you have an upcoming house removal planned, the last thing you need during this busy holiday season is more stress. While furniture removalists in Sydney don’t really have a slow season, the holiday season is “less busy” than the rest of the year. Therefore, it is the best time of year to ask for [...]

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Beetlebox in the Press: New Sustainable Products – Rent Moving Boxes Sydney

The latest issue of Inside Strata magazine is the Sustainability Issue, and it features an (almost) full page article on Beetlebox (we were actually happy to share the page with our friends at OpenShed!).  The main thrust of the issue is that eco-friendly living is gaining increasing traction among Australians.  People young and old are [...]

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Nothing to LAHFA about – Sydney’s expats are on the move

From October 1, the government has tightened the screws on the living away from home allowance (LAFHA) that expats used to enjoy.  Reforms have closed LAFHA tax breaks and put limits on accommodation and food benefits for employees working away from home. Two out of the last three deliveries for Beetlebox were for (British) expats [...]

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Boxes for moving

If you need boxes for moving Sydney now has a new option. It is, in all ways, better than using  cardboard boxes. Rent plastic boxes for moving instead, and you will save time, since they are delivered to your doorstep pre-assembled. Save money – up to 50% over using cheap moving boxes made from cardboard. [...]

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Instead of cardboard boxes Sydney has a new solution!

Enormous capacity Beetlebox! If you are looking for cardboard boxes Sydney now has a new option.  It is, in all ways, better than using cheap cardboard boxes.  Rent plastic boxes instead, and you will save time, since they are delivered to your doorstep pre-assembled.  Save money - up to 50% over using cheap [...]

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Father’s Day Gift Idea – Save Dad’s Back!

Yikes, Father’s Day is looming! Anyone else been caught out without a present yet this year? I’ve run through the usual suspects of booze, socks and golf shirts, but I want something a bit different this year. Oh, and I have to be able to order it online and have it delivered. Ideas please!! For [...]

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