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How Beetlebox made moving house a breeze!

Moving in a hurry

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10 tips to stay green and save money when moving house, from Glen Christie of Beetlebox

save money moving house
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A North shore entrepreneur is the latest to exploit the green market by making the process of moving house more environmentally friendly.


The Telegraph – Sunday Magazine – The joy of moving to a new house

plastic moving boxes
Sunday Magazine

Inside Strata Magazine – September 2012


Ideas Hoist Interview – December 2012



Commercial and Office Moves

Beetlebox Have you found yourself tasked with co-ordinating your office move?  Beetlebox can help you to organise a commercial move, saving you time, money, and potential OHS issues of employees getting hurt.  Plastic moving boxes are standard for office moves, since they are more sturdy than cardboard boxes, there is no building and breaking [...]

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Packing Boxes Get Moving on Open Shed

Find Plastic Moving Boxes on Open Shed We rented our first moving boxes on Open Shed today, what a great idea - they match up renters and rentees (is that a word?). Collaborative consumption squared! We get to spread the word about our great environmental green packing boxes, and people can order the [...]

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Moving House Checklist – Packing Boxes

Moving house is one of the most stressful events in an average person's life, ranking after the death of a loved one and divorce.  Moving is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a major hurdle to your overall mental state, as long as you plan ahead.  If you are moving house, the best advice [...]

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Boxes in the Cloud – Collaborative Consumption

According to Rachel Botsman, access is the new ownership.  There was a great article in the weekend Australian entitled the Emerging paradigm based on sharing, which describes the rapid rise of swapping sharing and renting going on around the world.  The idea is that in a world where we are time and space poor, sharing [...]

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5 Proper Lifting Tips When Moving House

When you are moving house, even if you use removalists, you will no doubt need to do more lifting than you are used to.  Professional movers will have proper training on how to repeatedly lift heavy boxes, but the rest of us could use a reminder before the big day.  With that in mind here [...]

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