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How Beetlebox made moving house a breeze!

Moving in a hurry

moving out quick 30 days
moving in 30 days

10 tips to stay green and save money when moving house, from Glen Christie of Beetlebox

save money moving house
boxes for moving house

A North shore entrepreneur is the latest to exploit the green market by making the process of moving house more environmentally friendly.


The Telegraph – Sunday Magazine – The joy of moving to a new house

plastic moving boxes
Sunday Magazine

Inside Strata Magazine – September 2012


Ideas Hoist Interview – December 2012



Moving house is such a pain!

Moving house is such a pain. I should know, I have moved a total of 24 times in my life! 6 of those times were as a child, where the hardest it got was saying goodbye to one bedroom before all the belongings magically reappeared in the new bedroom. I must share my parents wanderlust, [...]

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Good News and Bad News

So what do you want to hear first? Okay, the good news is that over the past 10 years Australians have been recycling more and more. The bad news is that we're also consuming more, and throwing away more. Our recycling efforts can't keep up with our consumption! How many times has this story been [...]

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