Tips For Moving House In the Rain – Including: Use Plastic Moving Boxes!

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Tips For Moving House In the Rain – Including: Use Plastic Moving Boxes!

There has been a lot of heavy rain in Sydney recently, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some tips on how to safely move in the rain.

Protect Yourself

Moving boxes sydney

A Wet Day

Your most important belonging is yourself, so it follows that you should consider you and your family/friends/movers safety first.

  1. Make sure to wear sturdy boots with a heavy tread, and consider wearing gloves – gardening gloves would work best if you have them.
  2. Floors at the entryways of your home can get very wet and slippery during a rainy move, so consider using carpet runners or old sheets on hardwood floors to provide some traction.  Plastic sheets can get very slippery
  3. Drive carefully – you are probably driving a truck that is much bigger than the vehicle you are used to.  Take it slow.  If you need to reverse, get someone out of the truck to help guide you, since the lack of a rear view mirror will be another complication.

Protect Your Stuff

    1. Cardboard boxes lose their structure and ability to protect your items when they get wet.  You are better off to hire plastic moving boxes which not only remain rigid in the rain, but they are also water resistant, so the stuff inside will stay dry.  If you do choose to use cardboard, make sure to hold the boxes from the bottom for support.
    2. This is a good time to look into moving insurance.  During a wet move, it is much more likely that your items will get dropped, and it goes without saying that water damage is more likely.  Moving insurance is expensive, but often a good investment, particularly during heavy rain.
    3. Use plastic slipcovers and reusable tarps to cover your large items.
Rainy street in Venice

Rainy Street

Protect Your Home

  1. Use old rugs or towels to protect hardwood floors and carpets.
  2. Move all of your stuff into one or two rooms close to the entrance.  This will limit the amount of water and mud that is tracked inside.


There is only one thing that sucks worse than moving house, and that is moving house in the rain!  If you are using movers, then they are not having much fun either – provide some warm tea or coffee, and if its a cold day, turn the heater on low so that they can warm up a bit in between runs out to the truck.  Plan ahead, and be prepared, and you will get through it.  Once you’re finally finished, you will deserve that ice cold beer/champagne even more!

Have you moved in the rain?  Got any tips, or rants about the experience?  Please add them to the comments below.

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